Home Playing Catch-up

From ~2,600 words in 3 days to ~2,400 in 2 hours I think I can catch up now that I’m at home. I’m really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed without a 3 year old flopping around.

I’m also quite happy to be home with my writing space, my selection of loose leaf teas, and my beasties.

My cat Mal, who was quite sick when we went away, and a constant source of worry for me over the weekend, seems to be doing better. He’s being his usual social self again, and eating and drinking. So it’s quite possible he’s passed some of the foam rubber and stuffed animal fluff that he ate.

My blog posts will likely be just as frequent during NaNoWriMo/NaNoFiMo, but they will likely be shorter, as I’m conserving my word count for actual writing instead of blogging.  Even my Twitter use has dropped a bit.

If anything momentous happens, or if I come across anything like, oh, say an Auction to promote Kids Literature and Sandy Relief that includes several chances at having your picture book or manuscript professionally critiqued by a professional (sorry for the redundant sentence, I had to use enough words for all the links). There are 42 items in all (currently). Go have a look.

I really need to get my book in shape for these sorts of things.

– Grimm


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