Making for a blurry line.

What a busy day!

I made my totally fantastic chocolate chip pancakes this morning.  It’s a good way to start a weekend.  My youngest daughter Bear got skates and a helmet, and my oldest daughter Monster had a hockey game in a tournament 40 minutes away from home.  In amongst that I managed to fit in making dinner, getting groceries, and writing.

On the writing front I touched up a few things in my last chapter, and then set in to fleshing out that Outline.  While my word count here on the site may have only gone up 200 or so words, my word count on the Outline went up almost 3000 (2966)!

My Outline seems to have two distinct formats to it, the single sentence to describe an entire chapter, and the incredibly detailed “you can almost copy and paste this in and just flesh it out” bits that I am beginning to build for Act 3 that blur the line between Outline and Draft.  It’s making for a pretty solid foundation to get this revision/draft done.

I still have a lot to do on the Outline and the Book, but I have to cut tonight short since there’s another hockey game tomorrow morning at 8:30am, again 40 minutes away.  Add on that we have to be there an hour ahead of time, at 7:30am, and it’s a 40 minute drive, that means we have to leave the house at 6:50am.

Considering I have to motivate not only Bear (3 years old) and Monster (13 years old), but also my wonderful other half (xx years old) and I think I should get to bed.


– Grimm


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