Two nights in a row!

Not only have I had a very productive two nights in a row writing, now I’m publishing back to back blog-posts?  I hope I’m not setting anyone’s expectations too high (ha! right!).  The catch of course being that these more frequent blog posts are, in point of fact, shorter.  You’ll survive 😛

After a productive day at the office, and a fantastic dinner made by my wonderful wife I settled in to finish off a scene that I had started revising and nearly completely re-writing last night.  Well, not only did I finish that scene, I plowed through the next scene as well.

I’m feeling pretty good about it, but I’m also feeling pretty tired, so I’ll have to read over it tomorrow night and fix anything that turns out to be tripe (hopefully not the whole thing).  Then it’s onto re-writing a first meeting, which in this revision should happen much more elegantly (writing wise, the characters involved aren’t particularly the elegant types).

– Grimm


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