A good night.

Well, after such a good start last week, the whole thing kind of went to hell in a handbasket.  A pretty important presentation and project at work took most of the week’s writing time away from me.  Then there were family functions on the weekend.

Tonight though, I did my 5k run, showered, got my protein bars ready for work and some laundry on, then sat down to write.

I did a second pass on 2 scenes from last week and tidied them up, then hammered out the first pass on a scene that was really badly broken by the end of the last revision.  This rewrite (so far, not 100% done) should work a lot better with the changes to the whole story.

Here’s hoping this coming week allows for more writing time, though the project that took up most of last week is entering a pretty busy period.

I WILL find the time to write.

– Grimm


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